helmikuuta 03, 2008

Is is February already?

Must - start - writing - again. Really, really have to.

I haven't written anything in weeks. Apart from work stuff that is, a naturellement, but not a word here and not a word of fiction. It always feels as if there is no time, but of course time is just a matter of organisation. Must - start - blogging - again. Blogging is a way of reflecting life and remembering the past and it is important to do both.

So, what has been going on? What will I remember of the January of this current year of 2008? Other than that Knighthood is one addictive game...

Well, the winter promises to be even shorter than last year. There's hardly any snow and not a single really cold day so far. Makes me hope for an early spring. I follow with pleasure as the paper informs me every morning that the day is again a few minutes longer. I wait for the days when it is possible to get out of the city again and do sensible things. Sensible things to do in the city are so limited: writing, reading, cooking and crocheting are pretty much it.

Work progresses. I have decided to go the easy way and just get out of the cases what I can. It is after all only one book and one day of defending it and afterwards I never have to think about either one of them again. In fact if I wish I will always be able to take one copy of the finished book and burn it page by page in a fire - or bury it in the garden. Hmm, I think I might actually like that. A rite of passage of sorts.

Yup, now I will make some soup with my new blender and then I will finally write again.

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