helmikuuta 10, 2008

Another weekend over

I've been reading Orhan Pamuk today. I finished "Snow" a couple of weeks ago and RL gave me "My Name is Red" for my name day on Friday. Both very good books, very different, except perhaps when it comes to the characters. There's a certain similarity to all the main characters, in both books, which may be intentional - or then again not. "My name is Red" reminds me of a book about Taj Mahal I read a long time ago. Snow - if I hadn't read Snow all these news about Turkey lifting the scarf ban would have meant something totally different to me. I would have judged them differently. That's one great thing about books - they give relevance to issues, make them interesting, enlighten you in ways that news and facts cannot.

I think I will try to get a couple more chapters read now.

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