helmikuuta 06, 2008

Rambling for the sake of rambling

I bought such good Rooibos tea from Germany and I think I am down to almost last bag. I am going to miss it. Yep, yep. I don't really have anything to write today - as is probably painfully obvious to see. Yep, yep. I haven't even read the paper yet. Or done much of anything. I did go to the movies - saw Die Fälscher. Reminded me of the book I read last summer about the women's choir at Auschwitz. They were both good, but neither one of them had that feeling of inhumanity that Primo Levi's "If this is a man" has. That is definitely one of the most impressive books I have ever read.

Yep, yep, now I will crochet some and finish watching the Simpsons. Maybe I'll even have time to finish the paper.

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