helmikuuta 25, 2008

New start

Today I have

1) decided to abandon this "let's get up at six so I can get out of work early" -system. It doesn't work. It is nowhere near my natural rhythm plus it doesn't work. If I am at work by 7.40, I ought to leave by 15.40. Do I ever? No. So I can just as well get to work an hour or two later. That way I can stay up later and will have the opportunity of seeing the sun when going to work.

2) enjoyed the abovementioned sun. The thermometer claimed that it was +7 degrees out there. Nearly all the snow had disappeared and for a moment - until the wind picked up - it was quite warm. Most definitely spring in the air.

3) had a wonderful lunch in a restaurant called Savotta. With M, L, RL and her boyfriend. Nice old-fashioned place with Finnish food. Had reindeer with lingonberries, which was as good as it can be.

4) sung lullabies to a baby outside a grocery store. Can you see me doing that? I bet you can't. But I have. Not a random baby of course, but little E. Went to see S and her baby again today, I did. Sitting down, holding a baby for couple of hours is definitely up there with the best things in life.

I think she has decided to like me - little E. Babies are a little like cats in that regard. You never pet a cat without permission; you extend your hand and let the cat sniff it. If after a few whiffs she puts her nose up in the air like the queen of Sheba and turns haughtily away, you've been accepted. With babies you apparently have to do something similar; look at them with really big eyes and smile silly. Somewhere between your fingers turning into fodder and them smiling when you make broom, broom -noises, you've apparently been accepted. Babies and cats - well, most cats anyway - are also similar in that you can hold them and they are warm and happy and make you happy. Fluffy moments. I've been asked to babysit by the way.

5) had a good day.

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