helmikuuta 07, 2008


I went to see S and her baby. What can I say, I want one of those. I always did. In my longest lasting fantasy - starting around 87 or so and the basis of my oldest stories - I was a mother of six by this day and a grandmother to be in less than three months.

Yep, at the age of thirteen I thought my mother was old to wed at 21 and ancient to have her first child at 26. I was going to do both at a much younger age. Now I am 33 and my old fantasy me managed to become a grandmother before I ever had a child.

Yep yep, of course my old fantasy me eventually ended up having at least 74 children - since she became immortal and all - so it's not like she is a very realistic role model. But I suppose the point is that no matter what adventures those people had, the most important thing about the stories was always having a big family. Children after children. That's why my stories never became very interesting. No drama. A dozen children and an even larger amount of grandchildren and harmonious family life. A fantasy, but not stuff of stories, since they lacked conflict.

But children there always was. And I want one of those. No pain, no gain.

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