helmikuuta 15, 2008

To be or not to be

This was again one of those days, when I got to thinking that being a researcher on a long-term basis might not be such a bad idea after all. Well, actually I was thinking just the opposite during the very nice lunch I had with M and J. That's one of the things I like about my new quarters in the fifth floor by the by; people go out to lunch together much more often than in the third floor. Anyhow, I realised that I don't read enough. And unfortunately there is absolutely no way on Earth I am going to switch fiction and crocheting, TV, internet and whatnot for reading boring workbooks during evenings or weekends. Therefore, my chances of becoming a researcher are not very promising.

However, two things happened today. First I went to listen to a really inspiring seminar presentation. The same multidisciplinary thingy I went to yesterday. Then it was something akin to an anthropological approach, today psychoanalysis and psychiatry had their turn. The first speaker was a touch hopeless, but the second one was really good. Really, really good. Interesting topic, a gifted speaker. There are not many people who manage to keep my attention fully in the subject matter and eager for more. Usually I always start scribbling and wondering why the heck I am sitting behind closed doors anyway.

Yep, but that inspirational performance was point number one. Point number two was my little trip to Topelia, the library of humanities. It's a very lovely place and every time I visit I always marvel at the beautiful books they have there. This time I found one for the course next week. I was starting to get worried about finding something about infanticide, since all the books seemed to be out on loan. But, in Topelia there was one and it was precisely what I was looking for. It is also - and this is of course relevant for the "research might be interesting after all" theme - a fascinating book and one I don't mind at all reading during the evening hours. Something to think about.

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