helmikuuta 05, 2008


I just finished the morning's paper and I can't shake the feeling of how fast everything changes. The world of the children growing up today, here in Helsinki, is so different from my childhood in the seventies and eighties. Perhaps it also has to do with the location. Perhaps the country towns are still more like what I was used to. After all I did believe - already as a teenager - that Helsinki was one scary place to grow up and I really don't think I was alone in that notion. "One can go to Helsinki to study or to work, but no sane person would ever think of raising children there."

It is speeding up - the world. What it will be like in another thirty years is hard to imagine. The future rushes towards us and plows under the past. One can only hope that it will be merciful to those recalcitrants of us who do not want to bow down to its demands.

Yawn. It's only eight o'clock and I have trouble keeping my eyes open. The last time I stayed up to watch a movie and had to do with a little less sleep, I fell asleep on the couch at around eight the next evening and happily slumbered for ten hours. Of course my attempt at a nice salad dinner with some french bread and a glass of wine and a touch of ice cream to top it off is presumably not making me any more alert.

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