helmikuuta 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today I have

1) celebrated Valentine's Day (or Friend's Day as it is known here) properly for the first time and received cards and presents;

2) been delighted by number 1;

3) enjoyed the sunshine;

4) eaten too much candy, since I happened to be outside when the seniors drove by. Yay for penkkarit. (Got more candy by the way than ever before in all the previous years together. I decided to join in the merrymaking this time, since it is after all the whole point.);

5) seen the president, who was walking down the street with a small entourage just a minute before the seniors drove by;

6) been to a seminar where the Spanish keynote speaker almost managed to murder the English language;

7) decided that I need to transcribe the remaining pictures after all, even if there are 3000 of them:

8) signed a statement and gotten a book;

9) considered the city vs. country -dilemma again (wasn't I doing this already five years ago? Or longer?); and

10) seen a teenaged girl who looked precisely as she has escaped from the 80's.

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