helmikuuta 27, 2008

Time slows down

This morning, as I was spreading jam on the toast and making hot chocolate, I heard a noise from outside. I glanced out of the window and there - just outside - was a youngish plain fellow in a gray jacket. I'm in the sixth floor so he was obviously not just talking a stroll nor planning a surprise visit. Good thing too that the noise alerted me because I would surely have jumped when they started drilling the hole in the wall. That would not have been very dignified, had it now? Throwing jam and toast around, in one's pajamas, with a somewhat untidy kitchen around? Now really. I would have done the dishes too, if I knew I was going to have strangers peering into my kitchen at nine in the morning.

I think it was nearly nine. Wednesdays are now my official "working at home" -days and I had to check the net before I made it to the breakfast table. I checked the net afterwards too, because there was this Education supplement between the morning's paper. The supplement gave a link to a career test and I have always been a sucker for tests. There were some nice professions among those it suggested for me: a potter, a gardener, artisan professions of varying kind. Seems like such a big leap, but I do have decades of working life still ahead of me.

Today was a good day too. I got some transcribing done, which I haven't really been able to do at work, since the work computer lacks a certain program. I managed to finally clean up the house, including the offending dishes, and baked some apple pie. I was planning to make a chocolate cake too, but I forgot to buy the chocolate. Maybe Saturday. Oh, and I finished Høeg's book. It was really quite excellent.

And now I am watching one of the Aliens. I've always liked Sigourney Weaver; I haven't always liked Aliens though. I remember we saw the first one - or part of it - in school twenty years ago. It was in junior high so I was something between 13 and 15 and probably closer to the former than the latter. The teacher probably had no idea what it was about or I doubt he would have allowed it. It definitely left a lasting impression then.

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