helmikuuta 20, 2008

Snow, snow, snow

Va-ha-ca-tiooon... I took it easy already today. Such a nice, slow morning. Decided to go to the movies and saw Juno. Babies... The important things in life... I fiddled a little with the investments earlier today and realised that soon I really have to decide what I want to do in life. All the excuses are disappearing. Rather exciting indeed.

I went to work for the afternoon and got quite a few things done in a short while. What a wonderful thing motivation is. That could actually be one of the reasons why researchy thingies have not been so good for the past week or so. Not just the usual two months' limit hitting in, but my main motivation for finishing the dissy this year disappearing. Ya know, the Operation Baby. The plan obviously being that I'll get the dissy done before having the baby. There's really no way I am going to touch research even with a long stick for a long time afterwards; I was so not planning to settle for the shortest maternity leave available, I'm afraid. Staying home with the baby or returning quickly to work? Not something I personally would have to ponder about even for a nanosecond. (Another knock-knock: never smart to tempt the Fates by assuming things will happen your way, you know.)

Yep, but motivations for writing a dissy vary. I can't remember if I already told this, but on my last full day in Germany one of the guys at the institute was trying to give me a little pep-talk. Unfortunately he ended up saying that research never gets easier and the main motivation of the dissy-times disappears - getting the doctoral degree. I of course just smiled and nodded, but I remember thinking that I was in trouble if that was the case. Becoming a doctor was something to go for still five years ago, but not anymore in a wee while. I'm not even sure whether it will be a reward or something of an embarrassment. You know, deserts, cores and facades.

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