tammikuuta 08, 2008

Nightly activities

The cat and I are still on much better terms, but I am starting to remember the downsides of having a feline in the household. One of them being the nature of cats as creatures of the night. Except apparently they are not - at least dear Wikipedia claims that they are instead "crepuscular"; meaning that they are primarily active during the twilight.

I would not call four a.m. twilight during this time of the year, but that is approximately when the cat likes to be on the move. She eats, she plays, she pays a visit to the litterbox when I would prefer to sleep. The problem being that she hardly ever manages to do any of these activities without waking me up.

Usually I fall back asleep soon enough, but all this waking up still disrupts sleep and assumably makes it much less inefficient. The only benefit of waking up so abruptly is that I can actually remember some of my dreams.

Weird stuff.

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