elokuuta 04, 2009


I'm falling asleep already. Badly. Let's see if coffee will help.

My mailbox was filled to overflowing and after a small clean-up operation I started getting old mail through. Like the one, which reminded me that the appeals on the entrance examinations arrived - today. Goodbye vacation. I headed to work.

Before I headed to work though I rummaged through my drawers. I had been invited to a birthday party so I wanted to look a wee bit nicer than normal. I didn't tie my hair back, I digged out the ridiculously big earrings I bought last week, I put on my new black hat and some of the new clothes. The results were interesting. As I went to buy the present, a guy smiled at me and called out "lovely". A foreigner of course since Finnish men do not call you lovely unless they have a sufficient amount of alcohol in themselves. As I was heading towards the train another guy - also a foreigner - walking ahead of me turned around three times to look at me. A guy at the party - there with two little girls who possibly were or were not his daughters - flirted with me. Nothing too obvious, but still. I could almost get used to this.

The Birthday party was for E who turned 2. Yep, lot's of children, balloons, running around and occasional crying when someone got smacked around - or lost a balloon to a meanie 6-year-old. It was a picnic really. In a park. K and T were there also with L and it was nice to see them. I also had a longer chat with D than I've probably ever had before. E was a bit shy and didn't start talking to me until everyone else had left and I stayed over to help S with the stuff. I really should start using names, shouldn't I? This sounds like bollocks. Oh who cares. I got to hear about how fun the Moomin house is. Well, kind of anyways. The vocabulary of a two-year-old is not huge, but the point was clear though. Nothing like repetition is there.

Children. Damn decisions.

I'm more awake now. Good coffee.

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