maaliskuuta 08, 2006

The cat has a cold

Yesterday I failed to read my fifty pages for the first time. I was just about to fall asleep when I remembered that I was still about twenty pages short. It was past midnight and I was feeling far too tired to even form a sensible thought anymore, so I didn't scramble up to find my book.

We went out to eat yesterday after finally treating my sister to her "birthday-surprise". We had - thanks to the imagination of M - gotten her an hour at a floatation tank - or a sensory deprivation tank as they are also known. Around the world those are an old thing, but in Helsinki there's only been one since last September. It looked like something one might want to try sometime. Eating out was fun too and something I haven't done in awhile. How about a new plan? Eating out at least once a month?

Today I stayed home to work again. I got around to fixing the part of my dissertation, which is still the biggest mess and despaired a little at its condition. It will be good eventually, but right now it definitely isn't. It's a big jumble of questions about the development of royal jurisdiction, about truth and the means of finding it, about appeal procedure and functions of higher jurisdiction and who knows what. I should fix that. And I should be drawing conclusions from the judgments of the 1780's. And I quite definitely should be already working on my seminar paper for the seminar in Iceland. I am going to be talking about Legal Professionalism in the 18th Century and using the judges of The Vaasa Appeal Court as an example of course. I'm also hoping to rewrite the seminar paper later and publish it as an article in one of the Finnish legal periodicals. Oh, and then I definitely, definitely should be already educating myself about the history of mentalities. I'm supposed to be giving a two hour lecture about it to the post-graduate students in less than a month. Okay, so I've been doing that already for two years, but I'm not particularly happy with how it went last year. Have all the intention of improving.

I dug the car out of the snow earlier today and got it moving eventually. The ground had gotten a little icy, since I hadn't driven the car in awhile and, well, you know how it gets. It was the same thing last time so at least I was prepared. I went to the post office to collect a package and now I am a happy owner of two Rammstein-shirts. ;-)

They are very purty. And luverly. And I honestly think that I am going to be wearing one of them tomorrow to the concert. Finlandia Hall, Torsten Rasch and Mein Herz brennt, remember? I'm really looking forward to it. I'll let you know how it was - probably not tomorrow though.

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