maaliskuuta 06, 2006

Life is so good.....

I am going to Spain! Barcelona!! Muhahahahaa!!!

My sister's in Barcelona for this student-exchange thingy and I've been sort of thinking ever since she left last fall that I should go and visit. The operative words here being "sort of thinking". As in my usual "I really should" -kind of way, all the time making excuses as to why I can't really go. I don't really have the time, Spain isn't really my favourite country, it's really too expensive, I don't know if I would really enjoy it... Bullshit!! I've just been worried about doing something new again. I do have the time. I have like the most flexible job in the world, Barcelona is beautiful, it hardly costs anything and besides you can't put a price on experiences.

Jeez, I'm so excited. And jeez, I'm going in two weeks. Another muhahahahaa!

You'd laugh too if you knew my usual level of spontaneity.

Jep, but I decided yesterday that if I was going to go, I'd better dig up my calendar and do something about the "But there's really no good time to go" -argument. I didn't want to go in April, since then is Easter and after that I'm going to Iceland. Did I mention about that? I am going to Iceland!! Yay! It's a work-related trip, so basically all costs paid (I'm staying for an extra night at my own cost to do some sightseeing) and I'm mucho, mucho happy about it. I've wanted to go to Iceland for a loooong time. But anyway, that's why I couldn't postpone the Spain-trip to April. And I didn't really want to do it in May, since then the summer is so close. So I am going now! And escaping a week of snowy, cold Finland!! So fabulous!!!

Damn, I've nearly wasted this months supply of exclamation marks. I think I have to call Punctuation-r-us to order some more.

Oh, who cares? Spain!!!! Barcelona!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Warm weather and sun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Unknown kirjoitti...

Barcelona?!!'ll love it. It's my favourite Spanish city!! Make sure you you walk in the streets of Ciudad vella and Barrio Gotico. Great nightlife there too. Also make sure you see all arquitecture by Gaudi!!! you'll love it all!! Hope you catch nice weather!!