maaliskuuta 04, 2006

Walls and windows

I've spent hours cleaning up today (which wasn't so bad). Also went to the store to get some more healthy food. I've noticed that these two months of living healthily - more or less - has changed my sense of taste. Pineapple juice tastes almost too sweet to drink. Evenings with chocolate, chips, lemonade and others of the same sort have been replaced by evenings with rye-bread, cheese, tomato and honeyed tea. And which one do you think tastes better? Yup. The idea of rye-bread and light cheese makes my mouth water. These days I miss those evening meals of chocolate cake with whipped cream only once a week, if even that often.

There was a long story in the newspaper (or its montly supplement) today about Finnish people living in Goa - some there for good, some only for the winter months. It's a cheap place apparently. With 400 euros you can rent a house and live handsomely for a month. Gazing out at the ocean from your window, taking long walks on the beach - and suffering from diarrhoea-causing amoeba. Amoeba and hippies aside, it still sounded rather wonderful. Would anyone like to spend the first two-three months of the next year in Goa? Or somewhere else equally cheap and warm?

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Unknown kirjoitti...

I should really follow your advice and eat more healthy. I lack fruit and vegetables and abuse in sweets. I guess the fact I never had to worry about putting weight doesn't help!! Good for you!!!

About Goa, I don't think I would like to go there but I would consider central or south america!!!

Mie kirjoitti...

Two months ago I would have said you were one of the lucky ones, never having to worry about putting on weight. Now I'm finally starting to think that eating healthily is not just about losing weight, but also about living healthily. Good for body and mind. Nah, you are still lucky.

Central or South America? Like Chile? ;-) You'd have to teach me the language though. I can't manage anything beyond "Hola, como estas?".