maaliskuuta 13, 2006

Gone for a couple of days

Just a short note to say that March is indeed turning out to be as busy as I predicted. I will have to get back to guest lectures, parties and concerts (another tomorrow by the way) in a few days time, since now there is just too much to do. I'll be back!

2 kommenttia:

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Still gone? Shame on you! What am I to do? Can't read your stories of life grander than mine. No! You must come back. I beg this of you. Return and make days warm again.

Mie kirjoitti...

Ooh, fret not, for I am back! It's nice to be missed. :-)

Although if my life is grander than yours, then your's must be a dreadful case indeed... Now, what interesting have I done today? Sat on the couch, got up to get some ice cream, done some laundry, watched Simpsons and High Fidelity while writing a letter to Mum, listened to Rosenrot while writing this, tried my hand on the keyboard as well as reading a book in German, which wasn't so hopeless as I thought... Yep, considering all that excitement, I must admit that my life is very grand indeed. ;-)