maaliskuuta 02, 2006

Menace in Europe

I've been reading some stuff from this coughcrazycough American lady, who is a religious conservative with a big chip on her shoulder. Religious conservatives are a bunch of people, whose way of thinking is almost as far from my one as possible. The ones definitely included, who believe that America is the saviour of the world and everyone who doesn't think and act like they do, is automatically an enemy.

Reading stuff from people like that can be an extremely frustrating experience. Sometimes it can be hilarious too. Let me quote this particular woman: "All that said, there is one surpassing reason for Europeans to feel hope: The existence of the United States."

ROFL, I am still laughing at that.

But it's not really funny, is it? There are millions of people out there who believe exactly like she does. And that is why the wars of this world will never end.Very, very frustrating. And sad.

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Unknown kirjoitti...

That women is not normal!She has a big problem!! Like you I tend to laugh of what she writes because it's so obvioulsy ridiculous but it also makes me cry because a lot of people think like her and believe her!!! Where will this world end with people like that?! America saving us?!! Sure, right...just to make us a colony!

Mie kirjoitti...

She does have a very different worldview, that's for sure. Her and millions of other people. She has a right to her opinions of course, but it is sad that she uses such propagandist methods and untruthful facts to advance her cause. Let's hope that her side doesn't win or the future generations will be learning creationism, women's main duty will be bringing children into this world, the poor and weak will have no rights and freedom of thought will be valued only if one has the sense to think exactly like her and her friends.