joulukuuta 12, 2007

Cultural things

Tomorrow will be the christmas party of the institute and the custom here is that everyone needs to contribute somehow. Provide some kind of program or cooking or something. I wasn't too sure whether I was going to go, but yesterday Vera talked me into this so called "choir", which is going to perform some x'mas songs. We practiced today - I think there was maybe ten of us - and it was surprisingly much fun. I cannot really sing, but most of the others weren't that much better.

Our pianist actually knew something about singing and provided some tips on breathing and singing technique. He even claimed that nearly everyone can learn to sing. It was so much fun, you see, that I started to contemplate singing in a choir somewhere. Not a real choir, but the sort of "let's sing for fun" -type of ensemble that never even dreams of performing anywhere. It reminded me of one evening this summer when I sat in the sauna and sang make-believe songs to myself. I think I had read in a paper that day that singing releases some sort of positive energy and causes joy and happiness or some such thing. Singing yourself, not just listenig to someone else sing, that is. It definitely worked during summer. Today too, even if the idea of performing is not the most appealing. Especially after yesterday's musical performance, which was actually good.

The supply of evenings is getting quite short here, so later I went to see the Museum of World Cultures. Two German anthropologists had studied a tribe in New Guinea in the 60's and 70's and the museum exhibited the results of their work and the culture and traditions of this tribe. The exhibition itself wasn't very big, but it was quite interesting.

All in all quite a good day.

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