joulukuuta 19, 2007

Still so much to do...

It's over. My four months are over. Argh. Slight panic hit on the U-Bahn as I was heading back from the movies. It's back to the old life and I still haven't decided what to do to make it more interesting. Must - not - think - of - that - now.

I am going to miss this place. How cheap everything is. The beautiful, beautiful old towns. The green parks and the river and the fact that it is possible to see flowers in December. The warmer weather. The crazy way of addressing people by name, even if I never mastered it. The fact that one can spend extra two hours sleeping, because there is no need to waste it in trains and buses. The weird manner of mixing cola with beer, the tasty sausages and the schokobrötchen. The CD department of Saturn and all the bands that I never saw and who will never come to Finland to play.

Yes, Frankfurt left a good impression of itself. It may not be my favourite city in the world, but it sure beats Helsinki.

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