joulukuuta 21, 2007

Kotona jälleen...

I am back home - or rather at my sisters's, but back in Finland anyway.

I arrived yesterday and to my pleasure noticed that there is no snow here either. In fact it was quite warm as I stepped outside. The flight went well. It was nice to hear people speak Finnish again and to read Ilta-Sanomat. All my shopping plans on the other hand went awry. I had time, but by the time I had dropped off my bags and survived the security check the shops had disappeared somewhere. The shopping clearly should have been carried out somewhere between arriving to the airport and braving the security, but who was to know that. So there I was with just one shop at my disposal - offering the generic perfumes, Swiss and Finnish chocolates, booze and overpriced jewelry. That was quite upsetting since I had hoped to buy souvenirs for people and now I had to go back with practically nothing. It bugged me to no end. One should of course always do the shopping before the last hour, but my bags were so full that there was no room for anything else. Even now I had five kilos extra in the suitcases.

Ä came to pick me up from the airport and listening to x'mas songs in the car I was starting to get to an actual christmas mood. All the old TV shows and the familiar food in the stores were a nice thing to see too.

What, however, was quite disappointing, was yesterday's concert. Marilyn Manson didn't convince me at all. I like his music a lot, but the concert just did not work. First they needed over an hour to start to play after the support band, which did not help to build up the mood. The song that they started with didn't do that either. Even worse was the fact that Marilyn seemed to be more interested in putting up a fashion show than singing. They would play a song, then we would get half a minute of silence and an empty dark stage. If there is something that will kill the atmosphere better, I'm not quite sure what it is.

Yep, and then when they finally played a song that got the crowd really excited, they cut it in half and rapidly moved into something else via a boring solo. The sound didn't work properly, there was something wrong with Marilyn's voice, they only played little over an hour and Marilyn seemed to spend half of it speaking. And did he have anything interesting to say. Not a thing. One does not need to hear "Helsinkiiiiiii" hundred times, nor is it very fascinating to be told that we are the bestest and loudest and whatever -est public in the world. I mean, if this was the loudest crowd of the tour, then they had one frigging lousy tour. I am hoping that this was all the result of this being the last concert of the tour and therefore they all just wanted to be home. Not a moment of flow, nothing reminding elation as I walked back. Damn, I had really hoped that a concert would always be good, if I just liked the band.

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