joulukuuta 11, 2007

Quality over quantity

Hahaa, I've had an actual discussion in German. I still sound like a stuttering five year old, but nevertheless.

The Tuesday colloquium had their last meeting before x'mas and I decided to go, since it was recommended and all. I'm still not hundred percent sure how appropriate that actually was, since I've never been to the actual Tuesday colloquium, but no-one seemed to mind. Vera knows a lot more people here than I do, so she introduced me to some of her friends. I talked to this girl from Berlin who waited very patiently as I tried to talk like the aforementioned stuttering five year old. It wasn't too bad.

Music was performed - Schubert and Grieg and someone else - and I saw again pictures in my head. I do that with classical music. I see pictures, even little stories sometimes: fields with dancing elves and rabbits peeking from their holes, trolls and fairies, children arguing with their parents, knights galloping and waterfalls, joy, love, death and sorrow. All sorts of things. It's quite lovely actually.

I also went out for a walk today - yesterday too. Yesterday it was particularly good. This time I didn't take it as something that I needed to accomplish - as exercise - but stopped for a while to sit at a bench and watched the preening swan and the quacking ducks. There were birds I did not recognise. Tiny little singing birds and two big black things with long slender necks. A lonely one that looked like a crane. It started to rain ever so softly and I stood at the bridge with my umbrella and watched all the objects that the rushing water had catched in its grips and refused to let go. It was very beautiful.

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