joulukuuta 18, 2007


For a while there I had forgotten how good movies are. I caught another one today, after some more autograph hunting, packing and closing my bank account. The autograph hunt went well, although I am starting to wonder how much of a formality this is. No-one asks me a single question or makes sure that I have actually returned the books or any of the other things. They just sign the form and hand it back. Of course they could all just have a phenomenal memory and keep all the relevant information neatly in their heads.

Closing the bank account was a matter of few minutes. Luckily, since I had started to wonder if I should have made an appointment for that too. But no, there was no need to fall back on the "but pleeease, I won't be in the country anymore in two days!" routine. I was quite happily surprised by the amount of money still on my account. Still nearly every euro of last month's grant left, not to mention this month's payment, which just shows that it is possible to live comfortably on a relatively few doubloons. I did proceed to spend a few of them today. I even contemplated buying a new camera, since this is a cheap country compared to Finland. Something I am going to miss very much, by the by. I didn't buy the camera, since I didn't see anything that I would have really liked and besides I am quite irrationally fond of my current camera even if the flash is out of operation.

After sitting for an hour in the Spanish place and trying out those waffles I went to the movies. A new theatre this time, a flashy one and I was afraid that they might ask incredible amounts of money for the pleasure of sitting in the plush surroundings. Another pleasant surprise as the young man behind the counter asked for only 5,50 euros. If that isn't a good deal, I don't know what is. The movies are much cheaper here than in Finland; even four euros can get you to a show on certain days. Naturally they have to get the money from somewhere to keep up the movie theatre, so this place had chosen to take it from the companies. Thirty minutes forth of adverts plus two meagre trailers, and I kid you not. Thirtyone minutes in fact, since eventually I got bored and dug out my handy to check the time. I was just about to get annoyed by this waste of time, when the movie started.

Then there was Russell Crowe and who could possibly be annoyed when there is Russell Crowe on the screen. Russell Crowe with his lopsided grin, Russell Crowe in handcuffs and chains and bleeding, which has always suited him rather well. Ever since The Quick and the Dead at least. This was another Westerner "3:10 to Yuma" and boy, wasn't it lovely. Sometimes I think that I should get all sophisticated and concentrate on these artsy films, but bugger's not often - more accurately never - that they can beat a good story with swords flashing and guns blazing. Emphasis of course being on the word good, since the trailers were again good reminders of what sort of brainless hogwash most action movies these days are.

Yep, if I have time I'll go catch another flick tomorrow. Jason Statham - who is not a bad looking bloke either - swings a sword in some fantasy oriented film, which didn't sound too bad at all.

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