toukokuuta 15, 2006


Today I've spent the day running in libraries, getting books on rationalism, relativism, theory of knowledge and primitive law. I was planning to finish von Wright's book on "Science and Reason", but instead I've spent the evening reading on what is my right colour (I'm apparently a summer type) and wondering whether I should cut my hair. Really, really cut it and go for the short, spiky style. I have a really long hair, to my waist, over 60 centimeters and in a way it would be a shame to cut it. But it is the sort of wild nature girl -look and lately I've been thinking that it is perhaps already time to grow up.

Yeah, but if you see me next time with a short hair, don't scream. Oh and just so you know, as soon as the autumn comes I'm going to get a tattoo. I decided that already some time ago. I'm not getting it now, because you have to avoid the sun for about a month after taking the tattoo and there is now way I'm going to risk any sunbathing opportunities. I'm thinking of a tribal tattoo on the lower back. I've seen some on people at the gym and they are very beautiful.

This was the update on the on-going work on my New Year's resolution to find my own style. Thank you for listening and good night!

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sanna-mari kirjoitti...

I was once in your situation - I had very long hair and one day I just walked in a hair dresser's and told tem to "fix it." Never looked back since.

I recommend a hair salon Vihreä Kampa here in Töölö. They are, as the name reveals, green (it smells of honey and beeswax in there, not chemicals), they really listen to you and so far I've never walked out of there wanting to hide my head in a paper bag. Truly worth every cent. Plus the head massage they give you while they wash your hair is alone worth a visit.

In a word, go for it. Hair will grow back if short 'do doesn't feel right ;)

MsB / Sanna

Mie kirjoitti...

Thanks Sanna! I checked out Vihreä Kampa and decided to go for it. I'm heading there Friday for a change of style. Exciting, and slightly scary. It's been something like ten years since I last had short hair and not all of those hairdos were really that good. But then again not all of my long hairdos have been good either. And I do really want a change. So Friday it is then. Yay!

Unknown kirjoitti...

Good luck! I also cut my hair recently, and got bangs! Last time I had bangs were when I had a monk hair do, at age 8 so.. I was a bit afraid:)
But it turned out good, so.. go for it!

I'd like to see a picture of the final result!:)

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