toukokuuta 12, 2006

Friday, the 12th

We had an unofficial recreational day at work today. Bowling, dinner at a Chinese restaurant and then drinks at a bar nearby. It was fun. I was wearing my Rammstein-shirt and more than one person confessed to liking them. They do have a very large academic fan-base. It's nice that people who actually understand German are able to understand and appreciate the irony, humour and intelligence in their lyrics.

I've been taking the bus to work now for a couple of days and walked over from Vantaa to Helsinki to catch the bus. It saves money and provides some much needed exercise. Twentyfive minutes to one direction, about 3000 steps. Can you tell that I finally got around to buying that step counter? Healthy life didn't progress all too well in the past couple of months due to all the traveling and stuff and I needed a bit of extra motivation. With the exception of one day I've reached my daily dosage of 10 000 steps and am back on right track.

Very tired now. Can't write anymore.

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