toukokuuta 19, 2006


Well, I have new hair. I haven't quite decided yet how pleased I am with my decision. I was happy with it at the hairdressers, then despaired during the day. When I got home I just had to put on some make-up and try different hairstyles to convince myself that I had made the right decision.

The thing is, you see, that the new style is a touch eighties. Much more eighties than I had planned. "Needs a bit of time to get used to" -eighties. The problem with the hair is also that if not combed right it makes my head look like a big ball. It also - as short hair always - makes me look fatter than I actually am. It's good that my healthy life is at the moment progressing well.

The hair doesn't tolerate skipping make-up either. That's actually one reason why I decided to go for short hair. The fact, I mean, that I had been feeling beautiful enough to go to work for a couple of weeks without makeup. That's always a good sign. This hair though makes me look tired and sickly pale without make-up (see pic to the left). Short hair draws attention to one's face and reveals all the little and not so little imperfections.

Short hair does also offer more possibilities of trying out different styles. At least for a lazy person, who won't do anything with the hair unless it is absolutely necessary. And with short hair it is. Now I just have to get used to all those different possibilities.

2 kommenttia:

Unknown kirjoitti...

Nice hair cut!!! You look wonderful! How brave of you to make such change! Short hair is indeed very good for lazy persons!

Mie kirjoitti...

Thank you! I'm liking my new hair quite a lot today. Now that it is no longer making my head look like a big balloon. ;-)