toukokuuta 10, 2006

Since I got started...

Look at that, three posts in two days. I just hope I can keep this up. ;-)

It's been a long day. I went to work early and ended up going to this seminar in legal anthropology, which lasted until eight o'clock. Very fascinating. Different cultures and social groups, their values and practices can't really fail to be interesting. The speakers had some excellent points on cultural relativism, on how a subject is constructed culturally and on how legal order defines identity. I have to find out more about anthropology.

And then it ended up taking about fifteen extra minutes to get home, because the train decided to lose its brakes in Pasila. Better then than in full speed, ay? You can believe that the next train was full.

I'm going to watch Dr. Zhivago now. The tv-movie version from 2002, which means that there are a few too many plastic-faced pretties and immaculately dressed workers, but I'm hoping that the story is good enough to cover that.

Edit: This is pretty hopeless. Lot's of quite decent actors, but still this doesn't feel real. Well, leaves one time to do some extra surfing on the side. I've been checking the application information of some of the faculties for next year. Social- and cultural anthropology, history and literature... Oh just imagine having studied one of those, how fabulous that would have been. Now if one could choose, which one of those would one pick?

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