toukokuuta 21, 2006

Sunday morning

We won! Who would have thought that? Our monsters actually won. They liked us. Or rather they liked Lordi, but by association they liked us, the crazy Finns. Lovely. Now we have to keep an eye on the news and see if they have discovered life on Mars or that the hell has frozen over (both of which were said to happen before Finland would ever win the Eurovision song contest).

Oh well, back to reality. What should I do today? Except go for a long walk since I put on half a kilo during yesterday's "Eat and root Lordi to victory" -fest. Hmm, I'm going to have to pack. I'm going to Vaasa for three days, you see, to the Archives to get some more material. That'll be nice. It's somehow very relaxing to be cut out of the world for couple of days.

I think I could try to do some writing today as well. I haven't written anything in such a long time. Now which story should I continue with?

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