toukokuuta 29, 2006

light, dark and heavy

I've returned from Vaasa and Imatra and it's back to business. The first day at work since my change of style and I did get a few "OMG, what have you dones?" and also plenty of compliments. I am liking my new look.

We had the monthly legal history -lunch and I presented my "work in progress". That went quite alright. I also heard a piece of sad news, which I had managed to miss, since I didn't watch the news yesterday and had already cancelled the paper for the summer.

One of our professors was murdered last week and his body found yesterday in his apartment. I didn't know him personally, had only said hello to him maybe once or twice, so it wasn't a big shock on a personal level. Not a pleasant thing at all though, especially as the way he died was apparently rather gruesome. They've already arrested two men for the murder since he was seen leaving with them from a local gay club on the night it happened. Strange the things that happen every day. You go out to have fun and by the morning you've been manhandled to death. Why does it feel like that is something that only happens in books and movies?

On a far, far lighter note - today I weighed for the first time in many, many, many years less than sixty kilos. Healthy life is going good.

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