toukokuuta 20, 2006

Rain, rain, rain

It's raining. Water from the sky. We were supposed to have a picnic today in Suomenlinna (nice island just outside of Helsinki with a fortress from the 18th century), but since it is raining and just +8 degrees, we decided not to.

Instead we are going to gather tonight at my sister's to root Lordi to victory in the Eurovision song contest. It's a national duty after all. I haven't watched the Eurovision song contest anymore in years; we used to when we were children, every single time. It was really quite an event. I can still remember when The Herrey brothers won with "Diggiloo-Diggiley" in 1984. It brings to mind a summer day in Rovaniemi, where we used to live then; me in our balcony blowing soap bubbles.

Eurovision song contest is a little like bying a lottery ticket. Every time you get ready to win and everytime you get nothing. In the end you don't believe you can win anyway and so it becomes a bit of a masochistic experience.

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Unknown kirjoitti...

Same here!When I was younger I never missed one! Portugal was always a loser though. I think our best result was in 8th position but even that was a one off. I'm actually watching it right now and it seems Finland is on the right way!!!