kesäkuuta 08, 2006

Blogger's playing up again

Today I wasn’t cultural, I went shopping instead.

We have another dissertation-party coming on next Saturday and I felt in need of some new clothing. I couldn’t find a nice dress though and didn’t feel like spending a hundred odd euros on a dress I didn’t particularly like. Therefore I bought a new bolero to go with an old dress of mine. Finding one was surprisingly hard work, since it seemed there was none in any of the stores. I’m sure there would have been in some of the small boutiques, but I hate boutiques. Shopping requires anonymity and freedom from overly helpful patronising sales ladies, who are tschk-tschking at your clothes the minute you turn your back.

I’ve also been thinking about memory. I have a fairly bad memory. Or alternatively I’m not interested in too many things. I read an article, you see, which says that you remember the things that interest you, things that you can associate with previous experiences. I’m constantly surprised by people who seem to remember “everything” they read or hear, the strangest little things. Through my head, on the other hand, experiences just pass without leaving any mark of themselves. An exaggeration of course, but I do have a bad memory. The good thing, according to the article, is that you can practise your memory. The long-term memory is apparently nearly limitless and you can remember huge amounts of information. The only thing is to be interested and to associate.

I can also report that I seem to live in some sort of “weak bladder” –neighbourhood. For two days in a row I’ve now run into a guy peeing on the sidewalk. Two different guys that is. What is that all about?

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