kesäkuuta 06, 2006

Football commercials are annoying

Long day today. Squash in the morning, then full day at work and in the evening I decided to fight boredom by going to a concert. A piano concert at the Sibelius Academy - Liszt and Brahms mostly. They have this series "Music and Philosophy" going on and this was apparently part of it. Couldn't figure out what the philosophy part was supposed to be, but the music was good. And all for free. If you ever wish to hear classical music in Helsinki, Sibelius Academy is a good option because they often have free concerts - even by (locally) famous performers. Personally I'm planning to go more often, since I've decided to become more cultural.

I've read some interesting (and entertainingly sarcastic) internet articles about the number of the beast, since today is the 6th of June 2006 a.k.a 6.6.06, which for some is close enough to 666. According to most articles the number of the beast refers to emperor Nero (not a great favourite among the bible authors), but there was an interesting alternative numerological explanation.

The prophecy apparently says something like that a false prophet will come, cause the downfall of Christianity and thereafter the end of the world. Whether that means the Christian world or the world altogether is another question entirely. Anywho, if you take the number 666 and interpret it numerologically according to the Hebrew alphabet, you get WWW (since in the Hebrew Alphabet the number 6 corresponds to the letter W). And so, asks the article, "Is this the real prophecy? Is the WorldWideWeb the real ‘beast’, the ‘entity’ whose rise will cause the downfall of Christianity and the beginning of the end times? Is it the advent of the Web that has acted as the false prophet?"

Isn't life full of interesting and ever so important questions? ;-) You can ponder that. Does the web enlighten us, make us question stated authorities and take us to a Godless Era? And if it should do that, is it good or bad? I guess it depends on whether you like people to think for themselves and whether you think morality is somehow tied to religion or not.

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