kesäkuuta 14, 2006

Should I do something useful?

I am so full of chocolate that I feel ill. Healthy life is not going good at the moment.

The weather on the other hand is perfect. Summer is truly finally here (at least for a couple of days) and as luck would have it, I was at Imatra to enjoy it. Spent last night at the summer cottage, managed to shed the winter coat a.k.a go swimming. The water was +20 degrees and not yet really warm, but not cold either. In other words very refreshing.

It was quite windy, but not so much as to stop me from sunbathing for hours. I can so well understand why the ancients worshipped the sun. Now there is a goddess, which gives you happiness. I try not to complain when she demands her price and I die a few years earlier because of skin cancer. I do think that I am willing to give her couple of years though. There is nothing like lying by the lake on a sunny day with a good book and the sun warming your back. Summer is without any doubt the best of all the seasons.

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