kesäkuuta 20, 2006


The move at work is now over. Books and folders have been shelved, computer connected, new pillows on the window ledge. No couch yet though.

We are going to unpack the books of the legal history's own library still next week, but otherwise my packing and unpacking is done. Haven't really done much else these past two days. Yesterday morning I baked a little - muffins and danish pastries - to feed the folks who had been volunteered to pack the aforementioned library. It's much more fun to "volunteer" if you get something to eat, don't you think? We had fun. At least I did.

Tomorrow we are going to take off to Kaipiainen. Early start to the Midsummer festivities. S gets off from work at three and we'll leave after that. We already went to pick up my car today and did some grocery shopping. We still need to get some stuff from Kouvola, but it won't take as long and means less waiting-time for Maija in the car. The weather is supposed to get colder on Thursday or Friday, which would be quite typical for Midsummer day, but one can always hope that they are wrong!

I should pack for tomorrow, but I think I'll eat some cake instead.

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