kesäkuuta 07, 2006

hfhgia eritivu ri

I continued my cultural excursions today and went to Ateneum to see some art. They have free admission every Wednesday 17-20. Do you notice a pattern here? Yeah, I like free things. And having done a little research it actually appears there's plenty to do for free in a city the size of Helsinki.

I enjoyed most of the same paintings that I always do. I rather like Per Ekström, Werner Holmberg and Magnus Enckell for instance. I also realised that I really like sculptures and "grafiikka" - is grafiikka graphic arts? Google fails me as does my dear friend I really should get a dictionary. I do check out words often, the spelling or synonyms at, but that is no help if one doesn't already have an idea where to start from. Let's pretend grafiikka is graphic arts.

My, my, I'm feeling a little full now. I've just eaten half a kilo of grapes.

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