kesäkuuta 18, 2006

Sunny Sunday

The summer continues hot. Today we went to Tervasaari with Maija and M. I had never been there before, even though it is so close by; then again it is often the places, which are close by, that you don't get around to visit. Usually because you think that you have the opportunity to go there whenever you wish - in this case though because I didn't know what Tervasaari was all about. Which in essence is about enjoying the summer, lying around on the grass or the rocks, listening to the sea and worshipping the sun.

The walk there along Pohjoisranta felt a little unreal. That part of Pohjoisranta for some reason feels to me as if it would better fit in Paris or some other South European city, not Helsinki. We strolled back, ate ice cream and I felt like a tourist on a holiday. It was good and I rather think Maija enjoyed it too: she did some swimming and digging and growling at other dogs who looked too closely at her rock.

M stayed to eat and to play with Maija for a little while. We master chefs made some pasta-salad and opened the wine bottle. Again a little "touristy". I cannot follow any of my routines here, which is probably a very excellent thing.

I'm enjoying the evening now and sipping tea. Maija on the other hand is in the bedroom, trying to learn not to bark at neighbours. This appears to be a thing she is not learning very well, because she has had quite a few lessons today. I hope the neighbours are patient. And love dogs.

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