kesäkuuta 17, 2006

The new look is working...

I have now stayed at my sister's for two nights. They are in the States to visit M's family and I'm minding the dog, Maija. Maija's been quite good, although she occasionally manages to annoy me. Like when she barks at the newspaper delivery guy/gal at night, even if we don't get the paper. Or when she barks at anyone walking in the corridor. But mostly she has been very good.

I'm liking my stay at my sister's. It's very lovely to live in the middle of everything. One can do things spontaneously, you see. When one comes home from work it doesn't mean one has to get stuck on the couch to stare at TV or the computer. Instead one can go out, on the spur of the moment, spontaneously so to say. Jup, spontaneous is the word.

And I'm happy to report that I've been spontaneous. You see, the eight miracle of the world happened yesterday - in the middle of the day, in a dog park. A genuine Finnish male of appropriate age, sane mind and reasonable looks asked yours truly out. Yes, you heard me, asked me out on a date. The thing which you are not going to believe is that I said yes.

Now those of you who do not really know me will ask "so what?". A reasonable looking lass, she propably gets asked out always now and then and says yes to at least some of the offers - even if she is now going to do the obligatory complaining of "I've not been out in ages". This usually in papers and tv-series means something along the lines of "Can you believe that I have not gone out in entire two months?!!"

How that always makes me laugh. I checked, you see, and it has been four years and about four months since my last date. That I consider to be long enough to merit a moan of "I've not been out in ages". Especially since it's been almost as long again since my date previous to that one.

Yesterday was also the first time I've ever been asked out by a Finnish guy. That is a rather interesting order of affairs, don't you think? I would love to say it tells something about Finnish guys, but I'm afraid it says more about me.

Well, the date was yesterday too. Spontaneous, you remember? It was interesting, it was educational, it was for the most part very entertaining and fun, but so in retrospect also little disappointing and confusing. Mostly because of the educational part and because I haven't yet had time to process everything that this date tells me about me. And before you ask, no, you do not have any hope of seeing him. It ended traditionally with very different expectations of the course of a first date and no hope for a second one. He did rather return some of my faith in men though and I think that in the future I won't let another four years pass before the next date.

Yeah, it was fun. The couple of weird moments, which I thought were going to need a little careful editing of memories, are going to end up in a story somewhere. As examples of things not to say, if you are trying to sound sexy or seductive. At least not if the girl in question is a full-fledged, even if cynical, romantic.

Yeah. Yep, yep, yep...

Oh, and today we went to Suomenlinna, our beautiful island fortress, with Maija and M. Maija was happy to see her, since I'm apparently the boring auntie. The fourth annual "Culture Festival of the Enlightenment Era" - say that with the pompousness it requires - was on and so we spent couple of hours sunbathing and listening to 18th century music and excerpts from the texts of Voltaire and Frederick the Great. Ahem, romantic, remember. Maija on the other hand spent the time barking at seagulls and digging holes in the ground.

I liked today very much too. Now I've been reading Milan Kundera - my, he is good - drinking wine and tea, eating chocolate, being generally happy and watching a silly romantic comedy.

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