lokakuuta 06, 2007


The destination of today's travels was Darmstadt. Not a bad place to visit, but also not somewhere you would absolutely have to go. It takes awhile to get from the railway station to the city centre and the walk isn't particularly impressive. Darmstadt is also very good at hiding it's tourist info. I walked around for over an hour before I finally found it. I had, you see, gotten into my head that I absolutely needed a map before I could relax and start enjoying the scenery. And once a girl gets something into her head, it stays there. So I walked around, got increasingly annoyed, spent extra energy trying to remember where I had come from and finally decided to give up. I went to a store to get some food and decided to head to a nearby park to eat and read, when I finally stumbled upon the info.

I got myself a beautiful map and immediately the day brightened up. I was again safely in control of my surroundings and free to wander wherever I wanted. I still headed to the park, since by now I was carrying a bottle of cola and some schockobrötchen. I sat down, I ate - far too much - and studied the brochures I had got; even if only to find out that the most interesting museum had closed already at 1 o'clock. So I used the bag as a pillow and decided to finish de Beauvoir's book. It's very good and I can only recommend it highly. I recognised myself in so many things she says. I've never read anything of hers before, but I have to correct that mistake. I do feel drawn to both feminism and existentialism after all.

Afterwards I walked around a bit in the park, saw one church and quickly peaked in. I think they were about to start a wedding ceremony there, so I didn't linger. I headed back to the railway station and just made it to the 5 o'clock train - or U-Bahn to be more accurate. A middle aged couple who kept bantering and flirting with each other sat down next to me and kept me amused for most of the journey - not that I was really listening, but it was impossible to avoid.

Yep, not a bad day all in all.

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