lokakuuta 27, 2007


I decided not to go traveling this weekend, since the trip to Augsburg is next week. (Yay, Eisbrecher!!) But anyway, after doing dishes and laundry this morning, I figured that I still had to do something. I went through my links and decided to go and see a part of Frankfurt called Höchst.

Now, if one likes old architecture, one would think that the most logical place to find it would be the part of the city, which is called Altstadt - or Gamla Stan or Oldtown or whatever in your chosen language. Not so in Frankfurt: the Altstadt has practically nothing, all the good stuff is in Höchst. Castle or two, the obligatory churches, town walls, old streets and houses of less modest standing, all there. Main and Nidda - the two rivers - coming together, house boats and beaufitul parks. And next to it all the suburb of Höchst itself, which is really not the best in Frankfurt. Fascinating place and I really recommend taking a look if you are hereabouts.

It was the best looking area in Frankfurt I've discovered this far. I walked, I took pictures, I sat in the park by the river and then I had a nice lunch in a two hundred years old restaurant. That was much fun and I really have to start eating out more.

I can't bother to wait for Blogger to download my pictures, so if you want to see Höchst, click on the link below. The password is the name of the best band in the world. If you don't know what that is, then, alas, you just have to redo your homework. The pics are in no sensible order, since photobucket decided that this would be a much better way to view them than in a plain, boring chronological order. Lot's of sepia and b&w pics this time, I'm afraid.

Höechst pictures

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