lokakuuta 22, 2007

I want to shut down the computer early today

Work, work, woork, wooork, wooooooooooorrrrrrkkkkkk.... Nearly ten hours long.

I realised yesterday that I have less than two months left here. In essence some forty working days - give or take a couple depending on the holidays and the weekends. Forty days is terribly little considering how much one is able to do in one day. Being both a slow writer and a slow reader and having trouble combining the both - not to mention the cases - that is not much. Scary.

So I decided that I really have to pick up the pace, if the dissy is to be completed next year. I finished Wirilander, I fiddled with the manuscript, I started going through the cases again... I went to the Monday colloquium - mostly to get some practice in the language - and had some ideas about the honour-project when doing the dishes this morning.

Now I'm getting a headache, lying on the floor in a bad position isn't good for the neck. The insanely strong detergent the cleaning lady has taken to using isn't helping either. She was here more than eight hours ago and I can still smell it. It is lingering somewhere in the back of my skull - sometimes it makes an excursion to my left ear and then comes to peek out from the eyes.

Currently listening to: the rustling of leaves through the open window

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