lokakuuta 11, 2007


Just came back from town with T. We walked there, we walked back, we stopped in two bars and had some beer. Well, only in one place, something else in the other place. I suppose it goes without saying that it was again fun.

He is like H and S - he understands life. Happy, happy. I think I may have to start doing that in the future. Telling people what I like and what I don't - if they can't live with that then that's their problem. I can't please everyone, can I? And those who do understand, will then understand much better.

I have to think about the future again. We talked, you see. There are really so many possibilities out there. Life is really quite exciting, isn't it?

His little pep talks concerning the dissy have been working too. I borrowed some books again - unfortunately I only got two out of the six that I wanted, but it's still a start. I read the stuff I've written here over the past month or so, and realised that I'm happiest with the dissy when I'm reading and learning new things. It makes me feel more in control of things, so I've decided to start doing it again. I'm not entirely stupid - I just feel so because I don't read enough. That wall to reflect things back, you know.

I now have almost 190 pages that may more or less work - after I've read Thunander and corrected the part about the judges. Then I'll add something to the section IV about the different parties of the court and it's tasks. I'll do section V about the argumentation and the sources and something about the functions based on all that, and it will hopefully look reasonably decent. If it doesn't then I will fiddle with it again. I've only fiddled with it two times now and apparently you are supposed to do it five times or so. It may turn out fairly fine in the end after all. It isn't yet, but this ain't the end either.

Yeah, this was a wonderful day. The library lady called me and I talked German with her like nothing. M sent me a message and she will probably be coming to Frankfurt in the end of November. I worked for almost nine hours and didn't feel a bit bored. I think it may be partly because of my theory.

I have this theory, you see, that if you have a real life after work - family or friends or something like that - then concentrating on work is easier. Work is more distinguishable from leisure and therefore you can spend the hours that you are supposed to be working actually also working. If work and free time blend into each other however, then you aren't likely to work efficiently and concentrate on the things at hand because you feel like you are wasting the time that you have. And because there is really no reason to work efficiently. It's like the difference between a couple and a single spending a free day. The couple can just be, the single has to make decisions about how to spend the hours. Well, the saying didn't go exactly like that, but you may still remember the feeling.

Yawn. I think I have to go sleep now.

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