lokakuuta 26, 2007

how different days are

Today was a fine day - and I have done absolutely nothing but worked. Since before eight to almost seven o'clock.

I read Thunander and I now have an obscene number of new footnotes with the aforementioned Thunander in them splattered all over the dissy. Also a couple with the additional names of Becker and Szidzek that I thought would like to keep company to old Rudolf. Or young, if that is what he is.

Yep, and then I started going through the cases again - except, this time, I decided to do it by the type of the case. One actually sees some results right away and it is so much more easier to decide what you are looking at. A good decision, since that was actually fun instead of frustrating.

Since I didn't want to start with the hardest or the most boring thing, I started with the criminal stuff. Because, alas, there is no helping it - the criminal cases just are more interesting than the civil ones. There is far more drama in the "who hit whom" or "why did they have to sleep together before the priest's amen" than those "A owes B three hundred dalers and needs to pay it back now" cases. Not that I started with fights or sex, but the favourite criminal appeal cases of the late 18th century: illegal manufacture and selling of booze. Yep, alcohol is the winner.

Do you know what is the winner in the category of the more serious crime? Those cases that got sent to the appeal courts automatically for approval? You might think murder, you might think theft, but no. It is - by and far - abusing one's parent. Hitting or just calling names, whatever, that got you in trouble.

Hmm, someone just sent me a tattoo on Facebook. Beautiful things. I guess I have mentioned before that I'd like a tattoo - or two. Hmmmm indeed, maybe I ought to give myself a present...

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