lokakuuta 24, 2007

I miss summer

I'm wondering whether I should bake an apple pie. Maybe I should. Not that I haven't gained kilos enough here, but I feel like something sweet. Once again. I did go for a little walk, didn't I? Hmmm....

Yep, that's also pretty much the only thing I have done today. Worked and gone out for a walk. I've realised that the charts about the court's users are not the only thing I have to redo. I read some of Thunander today and spent the rest of the day redoing the info about the law that the court referred to in its judgments. I hadn't separated the laws and paragraphs, which the appeal court was citing from those that the lower courts cited. A pretty major mistake, but when a girl doesn't get things, a girl doesn't get things.

I think I will bake that pie. And then I will again write some. I wrote two pages again yesterday and even though the writing isn't progressing quite as fast as I had hoped, I still have 38 pages. Keeping that pace would mean 450 pages in a year and I would be more than happy with that. I just fear I will never have the time for it at home, since even here the hours fly like a green parrot with a fire under its tail feathers.

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