lokakuuta 16, 2007

Work and letters - that's today

The window is the dark soul of the night. It has no beginning and no end. It sucks in shadows and creates spurious dusky universes in the nothingness.

I wonder if it would reflect back my happiness if I were to peer into that realm of the Nyx. Would it be part of me, thrown back at my face, or part of the shadow world of that primordial daughter of Khaos?

Such questions. The world is full of them, if one only knows where to watch. I drag myself away from the world of letters to bring forth ever more letters. They make me happy. Throwing away something of myself to get back even more. It is bubbling inside me - the joy. I smile without meaning to smile. I chuckle for no reason just because life is good.

There are papers all over the floor. The stories of people seeking justice. There are books too. Signs, letters, words, sentences...

They call to me.

Currently listening to: Viikate - Kuolleen miehen kupletti

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