lokakuuta 19, 2007

Them Swedes make good cakes

The idea of sitting inside for two evenings in a row sounded utterly boring, so I headed out for a walk. I took the umbrella with me, which turned out to be a good idea. Proper rain today, not just a tiny drizzle. We even got hail. It wasn't really cold, but my hands were still freezing.

I went to the other direction along Nidda. It's not as beautiful as heading North, but the very same scenery always gets boring eventually. No matter how gorgeous it would be. After a few times one forgets to pay attention to the surroundings and just starts to follow what ever is at the time going on in one's head. That can be fun too, but it doesn't provide new, memorable experiences.

They are promising crappy weather for tomorrow too, but I think I will still go traveling. Only question is where should I head this time?

Currently listening to: Subway to Sally - Kleid aus Rosen

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