lokakuuta 12, 2007

I'm liking today too

Ahh, tea is good. I just wish I had a bigger mug; these tiny coffee cups just don't fulfill the purpose.

The weather looks very autumnal today. It's grey and the wind is rustling the leaves in the maple trees outside. If I turn off the music, I can actually hear it. It rained a tiny bit too earlier. Not snow though like in Finland. I saw the little clip on MTV3 and it was just snow in the usual pitch black morning hours. I don't miss that at all.

I don't mind today's greyness, although I do hope it will still get better. For tomorrow they promised 14 degrees, which is definitely colder than it has been. I think I will go check the Book Fair tomorrow and leave traveling for Sunday. Unless the Book Fair turns out to be really interesting and I have to go back. I'm looking forward to that. Only thing that annoys me about the Fair is that they have the most awful website in history. It's practically impossible to find info from there about what is going on and when.

Yep, but anyway. Today I have really only worked and I'm actually feeling quite hopeful of this current fiddling around with the text. I started reading this book called "How Judges Reason" today and it has a couple of enlightening points. I also started with Wirilander's Herrskapsfolk, since I have to redo the parts about the court's users. Jep, jep.

Candles are really nice, aren't they? Yes, they are.

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