marraskuuta 09, 2007

200th post

Today was not the best of days, but it is rapidly improving towards this merry, starry night.

I read some Nehrman. And then I read some of the cases. Aarg, is all I will say. It is all well and fine to talk of discrepancies, but it is quite another thing to put that into practice. The cases still aren't talking to me, so I switched to recording some more easily recordable info. Now I know that most of the "criminal" appeals come from the country courts and that the people who live closer to the court also use it more than the folks from the wild east - probably, I think.

Oh, and I now also know that in the criminal appeals (besvär) there is no mention of the advocates. Which doesn't mean that they weren't used, since one advocate is looking for payment from the guy he defended in a treason case - very badly too, since the poor man lost his head. Unfortunately that case is not in the records, because the king sent it to Turku. It was treason after all and the king apparently thought that one of the judges in Vaasa might have been too lenient to the accused.

After that I started procrastinating again and generally feeling sorry for myself. Sad and lonely. I did that for a couple of hours, until food, music and writing cured me once again. Or rather not writing, but reading what I had written before. The current story has gotten a little stuck: they have done nothing but mooch around on a farm for 50 pages. I'll need a few more pages to get them moving again, but I couldn't be bothered with that today. So I dug up another story. I read it - and a couple of others already a few days ago. Probably most stuff that I have written is absolute rubbish, but then again there are also things that I do like. Which feel like reading a book and make me want to know what happens next. It's a strange feeling. It's the same with both fact and fiction actually: when reading the best stuff afterwards I often get hit with the same "Have I really written this?" feeling. Bizarre indeed. Yep, but now I'll have to go and see if I could produce something of the same level again.

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