marraskuuta 10, 2007

I'm so full...

I decided to be cultural again and went to the archaeological museum. The museum was in an old church, which gave it a clearly distinctive atmosphere. There were a group of children there for some kind of study hour and their voices echoed all over in a best possible old church manner. They were sitting in a circle, learning about roman culture and seemed to be enjoying themselves. I wonder if our museums do something like that.

It was very enjoyable. Lot's of beauty from the prehistoric times to the middle ages. Informative, yet dramatic enough to keep the interest alive. Even humoristic - someone had put two little figures from Asterix into the showcase about Celts and Romans.

I sat on the bench there for a while, staring at the impossibly high vaulted ceiling and feeling the stare of one of the statues in my back. It was part of a group of statutes that belonged to the cult of Mithras. Mithraic mysteries being a mystery religion that was practiced in the Roman Empire.

It was not so much Mithras though, than the grave found of three decapitated horses, which made me realise that I need to come up with religious practices for my story. I get to be the mighty god, who creates the rest of the pantheon of gods - not to mention the entire universe. Isn't that lovely. I'm afraid I really don't have any choice; nomen est omen after all. Most of the possible variations of my name are somehow related to gods, you see. Isa (more commonly Cisa or Zisa) was a Germanic goddess, Isabella means God is my oath (or originally in Hebrew more literally "he bound himself by (the sacred number) seven."), the sanskrit name of Isha means the One who protects, Isaiah is God is salvation and Isis is of course another goddess. Iisak doesn't quite fit the category, since it means He who laughs, but I think we will leave him laughing.

Oh yeah, this writing business does give me joy.

Now I think I will see if my computer is on a good mood today and agrees to play DVDs. I went to Saturn today to see if I could find Feeling B's new album, but it hadn't come in yet. Instead I bought some Subway to Sally, Schandmaul and Johnny Cash (yes, I know, but I decided to branch out a little). And Donnie Darko, which most people say is very good. I started to feel like watching a movie, so hopefully the computer will co-operate.

Currently listening to: Schandmaul - Sonnenstrahl

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