marraskuuta 27, 2007

life without internet

Yay, I managed to drag myself down here. I must say it was really a bit of an effort though. I'm not hundred percent sure I can do this every day, so if there's no word of me...

Yesterday the idea of an evening without the interaction of the internet sounded too daunting. I paced around the room for a while and then decided to go to the movies. I found a movie theatre which plays the original versions - for which thanks to all the deities and other supernatural beings. I have given up on German, you see. If I am meant to learn the language, it isn't during this trip.

I thought first of going to see Beowulf. Nothing like old legends, ay? It started rather late though so I decided on Jesse James instead. Nothing wrong with bit more recent outlaw legends either. It was a very good movie. Aesthetically impressive - some of the shots were like paintings. I liked the objectivity of the story telling and the psychological aspects were captured really convincingly - the charisma of Jesse James, the paranoia, the fear of betrayal and the eternal battle between loyalty and self-preservation. Yep, it had more or less all the elements.

It reminds me of childhood again. Reading all those stories of the wild west. Länkkärit. I must have had hundreds and hundreds of those magazines. I still probably do. I think they are somewhere in the basement in big boxes. I have to dig them up when I get home and see if I still like them. I tried reading some of the old Hank Jasons this summer, but I noticed that I had outgrown them a little. Perhaps had more to do with the fact that more or less every single woman in them was completely brainless. The fact that they were written something like 30-50 years ago, might of course explain that.

That reminds me of a German women's magazine I read last week on my way to the airport. It had a scary article about what women expect from men and if one is to believe it, then lot of German women still live and want to live in the 50's. A man is supposed to provide for the family and work hard so he has enough money to buy all the things that his little girlfriend/wife wants?? It was really quite unbelievable.

Currently listening to: Marilyn Manson - The Nobodies (courtesy of the MP3-player, it's only so long can listen to the humming of the ventilator after all)

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