marraskuuta 22, 2007

Just rambling today

Hmm, hmm, hmmm... "Sä muistit sen aamun, niin hauras ja viilee, ja hauta oli musta ja syvä, musta ja syvä, ja käärö hiljainen..." Maija Vilkkumaa is singing - or was singing. Till is singing now: "Wie viel Märchen dir noch bleibt, und um Erlösung wirst du flehen..."

Yep, this is again one of those days when procrastination is the way to go. I got up really late (read 8.30) and it took me nearly an hour and a half to get to working. I started reading this book by Paolo Prodi yesterday, which is supposed to be about justice, but he only talks about forums and the canon law as a system. That is very far from what interests me in justice and so after about thirty pages there were again vivid fantasies running through my mind. Not good for concentration that kind of thing, nope. It took me nearly three hours to read just fifty pages. Which is actually not that bad considering that the book was in German, but it was a bit discouraging, because I had hoped so much more of that book. Damn.

"I'm going to Jackson, look out Jackson town..." Johnny Cash this time. When you are playing everything randomly, you get very interesting combinations.

After getting my ass up from the library into my room, it took me couple of hours more to get to working again. I checked the mail, which had flooded me with nearly 100 new posts and did some major deleting. I think I will have to sacrifice tomorrow and get all the random things done before I'll be overrun by them. I also have to write the paper for Copenhagen, which was probably due tomorrow... And figure out what I am going to say on Monday... Five years ago I would have worked on those things for a couple of months, but now I've stopped with that. If I start two months earlier, I will spend two months on them; if I start two days earlier, then I will only waste two days and there's hardly a difference in the end result anyway.

I had a good day writing yesterday. The dissy, I mean. I got nearly three pages of new stuff written, no c&p job, but really new things. I'm trying out that new approach thingy and I think it may just work. Well, I'm trying it out in a modified form, since I can't bear to throw away everything I've done and therefore it may also actually hasten the finishing of the dissy, not delay it like I originally thought. I can use most everything that I have written, I just need to look at it from a different angle. It is really all about the societal role of the court, not about its jurisdiction or argumentation or functions and not really even about the establishment as such. This is really basically only an extended literary analysis: I start from the documents and then see how the reality reflects them. I have the ideals and the actuality as it is played out in the courts. Yep, it will hopefully work out. Fingers crossed. Knock on wood. Sing in me, Muse, and through me tell the story...

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