marraskuuta 14, 2007

Bourgeois pleasures

Frankfurt's Museum of Applied Arts. That is a place worth visiting. I've been, I've seen, I've thoroughly enjoyed.

They had a great exhibition of Biedermeier Furniture and the permanent collections of art, crafts and design were fabulous. And the scope was not just your general European, but there were also wonderful oriental artifacts. Who ever had put the collections together, definitely knew what they were doing. The lighting was perfect, the combinations outstanding, the objects chosen with care and originality and the layout worked like a dance. It was fantastic. Seldom, if ever have I visited a museum that flows so well.

I walked in these big, beautiful, open rooms practically alone. Except for the museum personnel I saw only two other visitors and I left them behind after the first floor. I looked at all that beauty and felt again that craving to be able to do the same. Have the skill for arts and crafts - even just the eye for interior design. How wonderful it would be to be rich, live surrounded by such style and elegance. Move from one city to another and be able to visit equally fabulous museums every week.

That museum made me again consider the option of living abroad. Only problem is that I can't imagine what I would do for a living. I don't think I am willing to do legal stuff even for that.

Currently listening to: Baroque music radio (since I am feeling so cultural today)

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